A - Discount Card

Our members are offered discounts on almost anything travel related worldwide including hotels, attractions and activities, entertainment and theme parks. Savings are up to 50% on prices they have found on major online platforms. Members receive ongoing fixed discounts and periodic promotions. A dedicated Personal Travel Assistant Team handles members’ enquiries and bookings 7 days a week.

B - Luxury Concierge Card

Our members are provided with a luxury concierge and lifestyle service worldwide. The service can save members’ time, taking charge of any tasks and removing the stress from everyday life. Our Personal Account Managers understand the tastes and desires of each member and provide a perfectly tailored service. We can also offer unique and exclusive privileges such as difficult to book restaurants, sold out sport events and red carpet VIP access.

C - Discount and Luxury Concierge Card

Our members receive the best from each card combined. Members are not only offered discounts of up to 50% on almost anything travel related worldwide, but they are also served by our Personal Account Managers from Luxury Concierge Team who understand the needs and wants of each member and provide perfectly tailored service.